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Saturday, December 9, 2006


Apparently, Willson-Batiz and Matanza, two huge agricultural companies who had bases a bit outside of town on the way to LP, are gone; but as a holiday present they left all their horribly poor people stranded here. At least they're gone though, so water and land pollution where they were should go down quite a bit; still I feel really sorry for the workers, stranded here with no where to go. You see, the way they work is that their employees - they're imported from the mainland, really poor people, and they get dragged around various places in the different seasons, to harvest the diferent stuff. They're virtually indentured and really poor, which I think I mentioned all ready. So hopefully they'll be able to get jobs/get their kids in school since when they're moving around the poor kids get a really spotty education or lack theroff.


theatre said...

thats weird, did they have nothing they could use as shelter?

CosimaCat said...

I have no idea. They just up and packed up and left, is what I heard.

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