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"He said she said they said she said he said that it told him to tell her to tell them to tell you that so-and-so said he claimed she replied..." News as it reaches my ears: through the grapevine.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Residents will know who I'm referring to when I say The Banana Man who runs the restaurant named after him. No, it is not called The Banana Man. But this is something I had forgotten (this is the reason I like making runs to get lunch): the same large lady who had been bombarding the tourists (she will now be known as Long Dreadlocks) translating from The Banana Man to some pale people and vice versa:
Pale person #1: Well how much will you sell it [the restaurant] for?
Long Dreadlocks (*gasp*! She speaks with her hair!): Dice por cuanto vendras el restaurante.
The Banana Man: Unos cien mil dolares.
Long Dreadlocks: He says, $$100,000 in dollars.
Pale person # 1 & 2: *guffaws*
The Banana Man: I'm not joking!

And I tell you, it would be "good riddance! Sappe* moneygrubber!" to him. He's one of those *Cat stuffs her tail (yes, in this form I have a tail. Get over it or your eyeballs will fall out from bulging too much. Actually it looks like it would be a good cat toy...) in her mouth and everything following until what is printed is muffled* ...people who come from SJDC and just set up because we're a good buisness opportunity. If you'll pardon my language most of them find it quite easy to seriously p*** off most of the people I get my information from. I don't like him either.

* A word used exclusively for animals: Get out! Go away! Bug off! Therefore, it is a serious insult to tell a person to do that. In my kindergarten years I would say to annoying boys, "sappe chivos!", in other words, "bug off [exclusive for animals] goats!"

Saturday, December 9, 2006


Apparently, Willson-Batiz and Matanza, two huge agricultural companies who had bases a bit outside of town on the way to LP, are gone; but as a holiday present they left all their horribly poor people stranded here. At least they're gone though, so water and land pollution where they were should go down quite a bit; still I feel really sorry for the workers, stranded here with no where to go. You see, the way they work is that their employees - they're imported from the mainland, really poor people, and they get dragged around various places in the different seasons, to harvest the diferent stuff. They're virtually indentured and really poor, which I think I mentioned all ready. So hopefully they'll be able to get jobs/get their kids in school since when they're moving around the poor kids get a really spotty education or lack theroff.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Went by a large-ish lady giving some poor unsuspecting tourists an earful earlier. The funny thing was... well:
Lady: ...Everybody walks, there's only one ATM, only one gas station - Its a rural artist's colony.

You don't see what's so funny? She had her back to the main highway in town (it and some of its offshoots are THE! ONLY! PAVED! ROADS!), and occasionally had to talk loudly to be louder than the steady trickle of cars and trucks passing by.

Friday, December 1, 2006


Today is December 1. It is a paid holiday and all goverment employees don't have work, so no school. But only every six years, because it is the inaguration of the new president. There is an enormous scandal because many people think the election was a scam. It seems like there was vote-shaving, and so the other cantidate is pissy. And thanks to a gov. degree, yours truly is able to post.

On the annual hand, today is National HIV/AIDS (SIDA) day.

100% PHONY

I heard that someone was talking to an American vet and (s)he(?) said that vets in the US are being told to reject Frontline made in Latino America and South America because its phony. So its not Frontline-resistent fleas we got - it's non-flea-resistant Frontline! Fifty dolars (something like that... two small dog to give half to each of the three cats, three large dog to give one each to the... three large dogs, what a surprise) every two months or so for nothing! *fumes*


Welcome to my only blog that's named after a statement in an Al Franken book. Ain't I crazy? But here it is: all the... gossip I hear, plus comments, those jewels that I never get to insert into conversation with the adults! lo!, and all those "he said she said so-and-so said that they said it said she said he said she said they said..." moments. Well, maybe not all of them, but a damn well lot of them.

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