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Friday, January 12, 2007


Residents will know who I'm referring to when I say The Banana Man who runs the restaurant named after him. No, it is not called The Banana Man. But this is something I had forgotten (this is the reason I like making runs to get lunch): the same large lady who had been bombarding the tourists (she will now be known as Long Dreadlocks) translating from The Banana Man to some pale people and vice versa:
Pale person #1: Well how much will you sell it [the restaurant] for?
Long Dreadlocks (*gasp*! She speaks with her hair!): Dice por cuanto vendras el restaurante.
The Banana Man: Unos cien mil dolares.
Long Dreadlocks: He says, $$100,000 in dollars.
Pale person # 1 & 2: *guffaws*
The Banana Man: I'm not joking!

And I tell you, it would be "good riddance! Sappe* moneygrubber!" to him. He's one of those *Cat stuffs her tail (yes, in this form I have a tail. Get over it or your eyeballs will fall out from bulging too much. Actually it looks like it would be a good cat toy...) in her mouth and everything following until what is printed is muffled* ...people who come from SJDC and just set up because we're a good buisness opportunity. If you'll pardon my language most of them find it quite easy to seriously p*** off most of the people I get my information from. I don't like him either.

* A word used exclusively for animals: Get out! Go away! Bug off! Therefore, it is a serious insult to tell a person to do that. In my kindergarten years I would say to annoying boys, "sappe chivos!", in other words, "bug off [exclusive for animals] goats!"

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